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Ohhh well

I just notice I public post to journals. meh i can change it but whatever. So this will be my last public post. Just so people know.

I am still at work! I came in at 8:30am and wont leave till like 1ish maybe even 2am, and i have to come back in at 6am. Ohh joy. I really dont mind because they ok the overtime and this will help me A SHIT LOAD!!! What can I say I really want to go to NYC again. wow i am really hungry again....So I might move to second shift because this will help take the classes i need that are not given in the after noon. So if I get the classes the will be the following.....

PHIL 120 - ETHICS ( 3 Units )
And a Math class

So yeah full time student and worker. There was an acting class i want to take but its in the evenning and i would have to take that at night. I miss acting. Unless you count work. "Free fake Smile for all there dumb demands".

Its never busy here where i work at night..well not all the time so as long as it stays not busy, then i can do all my homework at work. that is awesome! My English class is going well my first essay won best essay of the class, which was kind of cool. I wrote about the time i got my ass kicked. It got laughs. Which i think thats why it won. haha. I dont care because i got an A+. This last essay i got a B+ which surprised me. Now for essay number 3 I am aiming for best essay again. Its an evaluation about anything. So I am doing it on Buffy the vampire slayer. Haha yes this will be easier than...well it will just be easy. haha. So yeah i am aiming high. I should be working on that right now actually.

Crap. i am getting tired. I need coffee. If anyone wants to get me a cup or like a gallon that would be great!

Until next time I remain Rick weasel......
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